About Us


The Community Psychology Hub (CPH) provides psychological and research services in collaboration with our partners in the social service and public sector, to care for persons with vulnerabilities alongside their families in the community.




Enabling our clients and their families to live their most independent and meaningful lives.


Building a sustainable, passionate organisation to provide innovative and quality psychological care to our clients and their families in the community.



At CPH, we will always:

Care for our clients, their families and self

Act with professionalism and integrity

Respect the individual

Enable others and self


Hear From Our Director

Who are we? In a nutshell, we provide psychological assessments and intervention for clients, in a client-centric and collaborative manner with partners in the community. Yet, at a deeper level, these activities raise a more fundamental question: “For what purpose?”

At its essence, you could thus say that as CPH psychologists and researchers – our purpose is ‘We Restore Relationships’ - we help restore clients’ relationships with self, with others, and with the world around; so that, together, we find our place and meaning in this world. Many of the issues we see, whether it be intellectual disability, depression, anxiety, divorce, schizophrenia, or trauma, are a result of or lead to breakdowns in relationships, such that we get disconnected from ourselves and what’s truly important, significant others, or from engaging meaningfully in the world.

The word “Restore” connotes a making-new again, or to bring things back to its original state. We know in many cases it cannot be done, as getting-by may just be good enough. Yet, we try to move restoration as far as we can take it. External realities may not change, but how we perceive and make choices is always within one’s control. We can do better. 

our team


Our Psychologists are deployed to Social Service Organisations to provide a range of psychological services. Key focus areas include the disability sector, including early intervention for children with developmental disabilities and support for adults with developmental disabilities. Our psychologists also work with clients who are experiencing mental health difficulties. In all the work they do, our psychologists try to take a more holistic view, involving their families and the community resources around them.  

Currently, we are only able to attend to clients in partnership with the Social Service Organisations, and are not able to accept walk-in or outpatient cases.




Our Researchers specialise in policy, assessment and intervention research for persons with disabilities/vulnerabilities using data analytics, programme evaluation and implementation science. They provide input to key stakeholders at the Ministry level, to help shape policy decisions and frameworks.


Corporate Services


Our Corporate Service colleagues provide and support the human resources, engagement, communications, administrative and financial capabilities of CPH. They help make CPH a great place to work!