We believe in providing our people with meaningful and fulfilling opportunities in an open, supportive and inclusive culture.

Making A Difference in the Community

We work in the community, for the community. We also work alongside public sector agencies, gaining a broader sector perspective and ensuring policies can be practically-implemented on the ground. Ultimately, we believe doing the above will bring about a meaningful impact to people’s lives, especially the vulnerable population that we serve.

A Unique Experience

As the only hub model for psychologists and researchers in Singapore, we have an opportunity to come together to build up the psychological and research services in the social service sector. We can also dream big to imagine and shape the role of a psychologist based in the community.

Professional Excellence

As a practice-based organisation, we believe in developing well-rounded employees with deep competencies. As a CPH employee, you can look forward to a series of training and learning opportunities to enhance your professional and personal development. With formal supervision and peer support forming an integral part of our work culture, you will learn from the best through interactions with peers or receiving guidance from senior professionals. Expect job rotations and exposure across the different areas of CPH work to form part of your career development with us.


Our psychologists are deployed to social service organisations to provide psychological services. They come “Home” every Friday to “hub”. Hubbing entails peer support, group sharing, case presentations, supervision, learning sessions, team huddles, idea-storming, project planning, lunch sessions, celebrations or simply having a day (and the space) to regroup, rethink and recharge.

What does a psychologist in the community do? How is life at CPH really like?

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