Applied Research Services


Applied Research Services specialise in policy, assessment and intervention research for people with disabilities/vulnerabilities using quantitative and qualitative research methods, evaluation science and implementation science. Besides utilising specific scientific methods, we are guided by an overarching theoretical framework in all our work.

Having a theoretical framework allows us to not only take on research projects that cut across different age groups and needs due to research participants’ disabilities/vulnerabilities, it also allows us to have consistency in our planning and implementation approach across projects. The framework also allows us to make important connections among research findings that cut across specific projects.

Having a variety of research tools offers a range of complementary methods that support the different types of research we do in the different research areas; viewed from the multiple theoretical perspectives in the larger framework.


Intervention research explores the relevant overseas research on evidence-based intervention and recommended best practices such as in the early intervention field or adult disabilities support services. This information is then utilised by policy-makers to enhance services. Furthermore, we also evaluate existing programmes/new pilot programmes, and pilot new intervention approaches as a prototype with view of further development.

Intervention research

Policy Research

Policy research includes areas in which we support social services policy-makers in expanding their framing of concerns using scientific methods and to provide solutions to these concerns. Examples of solutions-searching includes differentiating human or social service across a continuum to better match, transit and serve people with increasing diverse needs, using quantitative and qualitative research methods. Support will also be made available or given to using research thinking to examine the why, what & how of service implementation

Assessment research

Assessment research includes validation of overseas assessment tools/ methods/ approaches within the local context, as well as the development and validation of new assessment tools/ methods/ approaches to support local social services.