Dr. Daphne Goh

Senior Clinical Psychologist | Assistant Director

Adult Disability Services

“Working in the Social Service Sector allows me to empower the populations that are most vulnerable.”

Dr. Daphne Goh is a Senior Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Director with the Community Psychology Hub (CPH). Her passion and values led her to join CPH. She feels that working alongside and learning from other psychologists and like-minded peers is a gratifying and invaluable experience. She is currently deployed to a Social Service Organisation in the adult disability setting, and works collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team to support clients in enhancing their quality of life.

She is currently the lead for the Adult Disability Services, and supervisor to several psychologists deployed to Day Activity Centres (DAC) and Adult Disability Homes (ADH). In addition, Daphne supports CPH in different areas, and various projects such as an evidence informed project for adults with disabilities.

Daphne holds a PhD (Psychology) and a Master of Clinical Psychology from the Australian National University, Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons) at the University of Queensland, Australia.

B.Psyc (Hons), M.ClinPsyc, PhD.